08 January 2015

quiet. early. and morning.

it is quiet. early. and morning.

 i love it.

the heater just clicked on.

the dogs are curled up.

the dark still cradles the coast.

as much as i can loathe the darkest days of winter, where nothing feels right and your body feels off, there is something soft and sweet about the light that pours from the january sky. from the first light through dusk, it has a muted yellow to it that brushes my skin sweetly, softly, like the eyelashes of a baby.



  1. Enjoy your soft and sweet light ... on this side of the globe it's just hot and heavy :0)

  2. I've lost my photo mojo, though I never had it like you. I love your ability to capture the everyday, the normal, and yet it seems special. It's the light, the tone, the mood, I love it, it makes me happy.

  3. Oh these are beautiful just like your words. I love the quiet early morning and the soft, cool light of winter, beautiful. xxx


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