17 January 2015

this year in bits. in parts. 2-7 | 365

my whole life is built on bits and in parts. sections of one another.
moments strung like pearls on a string.

10 January 2015

2 | 52 . 1 | 365

I am plunging in on the 10th day (though not making this a ten on ten). 365.
(and week 2 of 52)

I was trying to find a theme as my boys are very fickle when it comes to being in front of the camera.  It couldn't just be about them. SO I thought maybe I would focus just on b+w photography.

However, as I was taking these photos this morning I realized that focusing on composition, using light and shadow, to convey mood and emotion is perhaps even more important to me.

What creative projects are you working on?


09 January 2015

friday | fodder+folly | favorites

follies of the week:                                                     
-canon customer service

fodder for the soul:
-rising early
-listening to the traffic and pretending its the wind
-watching the sunset
-laughing with my oldest
-gratitude for the warranty on my big camera

provender for the days ahead:
-an oldest who turns 15
-starting my +365 project tomorrow
-embracing imperfections
-picking up my big camera from canon customer service
(after much needed repairs)


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