01 January 2015

hello january!

Ha! I was dreaming of getting up early and carving out a time to write/create on this early New Year's morn.  However, yesterday I wrecked my blog's template -in my lame attempt to improve upon the design -as the saying goes, pride goeth before the fall.

Now 24 frantic hours later, I realize I have ignored the coming of this new month in this new year and have instead whittled away my time trying to figure out how to get the blog up and running so I wasn't embarrassed about the state of affairs over here.

Little lessons learned.

Lets call upon this new year with glad tidings. I am looking forward to some sort of 365 project (because I have nothing else going on) or 52 project. Something consistent.  In 2013, I had over 245 blog entries, in 2014, I had 16. I want to use the excuse that I have been busy -and I have been, very busy (and I am proud of the fledging photog and doula business I have started); but I also have allowed myself to become distracted and a bit off course when it comes to me carving out time to journal and to blog. 

Is anyone else out there righting their sails and setting course for a new year/new promises/new dreams?  I am toasting all of you this New Years Day. xoxo


  1. It's lovely to see you back posting, I have kept popping over to see if there was any word and now there is - so have 3 back - Happy New Year! x

  2. Welcome back Rebecca! Sometimes it's just hard to find the time and more importantly the motivation and inspiration to post something. Without my "photo a day" project my blog would likely have suffered the same ... many was the week when that was the only thing I posted. I found it really helpful to have a project to inspire (force) me back. I'm hoping to get my blogging mojo back in 2015 :0)

    1. IT is so hard! I think I still need the mojo. I was seriously hoping for a project to pull me through. Hoping this year is filled to the brim with a non-exhausting but absolutely perfect mojo. xo

  3. I don't know if you read a lot R, but this picture, the one with this post is to me a Kent Haruf novel. I don't know if you've read his works, but I adore them, very even paced, big stories about normal lives, no twists, just life in all its glory.

    Blogging has been a lot to me and I still love to see others doing it, but guess I feel since the girls have grown bigger I've lost my voice. I need to find time to switch across to my passions more, I'll get there. You though, please stay, and talk to us, I enjoy your company x

    1. voice. it is so important. I find that as my boys grow older that it is hard to share bits about their life in the same way. And then, me, it feels so narcissistic to go on and on and on about oneself. But hopefully this space will allow me to connect to you all more. which I miss.

      Must put Kent Haruf on my list! I have read nothing of his and now I must! xo


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