26 January 2014

4 | clickety-clack call of the week's end | 52 weekly stills

an odd assortment of weekly stills:
-a wall
-a young lad in a foul mood
-books & things next to my bed
-a window
-the youngest
-the middle
-leftover remains of strawberries
-a visit to La Brea Tar Pits


  1. Beautiful photos!!! I love #2 with the yellow and the white wall - the focus is all on his expression. I also love the strawberries - the red and white. Of course the stuff by your bed - is that not a representation of our lives as Mama's - a gathering of every aspect and role in our life. Awesome job!!!!
    Chey xo

  2. Love them all … a great representation of your week :0)

  3. Fantastic pictures Rebecca, they have a positive, happy, lively feel to them. Even the grumpy boy looks like he might get over it in a minute! In fact I think that picture is my favourite. I do love the top one as well, I'm a big fan of green leaves covering walls - beautiful. I hope you and yours have a lovely week.

  4. Beautiful photos as ever - so inspiring!

    Sarah x

  5. Fantastic photos. I love the action you used and a great collection for the week. : )

  6. very lovely.
    my fave is the strawberries.
    might have to pin it.

  7. Eep! Your photography is just exquisite. Like wings opening up my friend. That shot above the strawberries. The black and white. His eyes. Wow. Just wow. XO

  8. these images pull me in ... leaving me wanting to explore what is past the edges


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