30 December 2013

in with the new, embracing the old

As the year winds down to a close, like so many of us, I am reflecting on this past year as well as plotting out goals for the new one. Wonderful connections have been made which warm my heart and bring joy to my soul (ahem -you all!!).

I also feel like my writing is slowly becoming stronger, as is my photographic eye. Perhaps not the most economical or practical thing to do, but I am embracing being a creative -and with that knowledge, I am also pondering on ways to help make ends meet and which path to take there...

In November I started my own photography website: A Wondered Life. I also love, love, love writing and wish that there was a way to give it more breath and depth in this coming year (I have started writing a children's book and I so want to see it through... even if it never finds it way to a printed page, it would be lovely to follow through with the wee project this year).

As I simultaneously reflect and think forward, I can't help but ponder on this blog, and its small space on the internet. When doing this, one eventually comes to the question: why do I blog/write?  And once I strip down all the ego, the real reason I show up here is my deep longing to connect with the world, to connect with humanity, to connect with you.

So in this, and to clarify my own goals here for the upcoming year, I ask you all what do you want to see here? More of the same? More poetry? More short stories? More photography? More guest posts? New projects? Link-ups (to Tuesday's Notes or Friday's Fodder+Folly? Or something different all together?) Do I continue on with the 52 portraits, as so many others are with Jodi; and if so, in what manner (the boys, or more portraits of people in the community)?

All these questions really come down to how can we, how can I, help foster community; one that helps sustains us creatively and soulfully?

The other day I came across this post about finding your guiding word for 2014 from Mama Scout. She asks wonderful questions for the new year that I think are very worthwhile spending time journaling on over the next few days (If you find these at all helpful, give her a shout-out over on her blog or FB page I say this not because she has asked me too, but because I have found these questions so spot on for reflecting on the past, present and future).

~What do I want to create in the new year?

~What do I want to do and how do I want to spend my days?

~What do I need to moving towards?

~How do I want to feel each day?

~What is the legacy I am creating right now?

~What are the thoughts I am most afraid to think?

~What idea makes my heart beat a little faster?

~What can I give up?

~How do I want to experience time?

~What do I want to create in the new year?
Most of all I am wondering what are you pondering in your heart these days? What are you reflecting on as this year draws to a close? I would love to know! xxoo


  1. I adore your blog, it is gentle, beautiful and thoughtful... just more of the same x

  2. i vote for you just showing up and being you.

  3. It is always special when I see a new post of yours up!!! It brightens my day - I especially love your stories and photos (all of them)!!! I am so glad you pushing more into your writing and photography - it is special talent you should be proud of. I appreciate that you are sharing it with the rest of us. I am also exploring ways to find ends meet with what I find to be a hobby or something I enjoy!!!!! I wish you the best of luck in the new year with all your endeavors.
    Chey xoxo

  4. I love your blog and I think you should do whatever makes you happy ... whatever gives you a sense of achievement ... whatever gives you that warm glow of contentment deep down inside. I'm sure whatever that turns out to be will be loved by the rest of us.
    I think I will be giving the 52 project a miss next year ... but I'm considering doing the Weekly Stills link up over at The Beetle Shack ... I'm sure that would be perfect for you.
    So glad I "met" you this year ... my sweet bloggy friend.

  5. goodness did you ever just make me think deep just now. i need to ponder over all of this. love the honesty.

  6. I just found your blog today and I just want to say I'm excited to be following your blog and adventures.

  7. I agree with Amanda! Love to read & see what inspires you for you!
    So many wonderful things in this post!
    There has been more reflection and pondering at the end of this year than ever before. So many decisions have been made and wonderful opportunities ahead. It it both exciting and a bit overwhelming at times.
    I am greatly looking forward to being in your neck of the woods in the new year!

  8. I will be watching and listening for your answers - good questions


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