02 January 2014

well hello January..... 2014 you are most welcome!

Ahh...... the sound of a fresh page. a new sheet of paper. the turning over of a new leaf. discovering a brand new book. i love beginnings, and january is so full of ripe promise and anticipation that i am always sucked down the rabbit hole full of new ideas, projects and dreams. i love this in between moments of calm, the aftermath of the drunk frenzy that christmas can be.  here in these last few days of winter break, the boys are sleeping in (as they have stayed up waaaaay too late), we are lounging lazy lizards and i let my mind wander about all the hopes of this new year.... usually by the end of january however, i am bogged down by the mid-winter blues and admonishing myself for all my fanciful dreams -it is like starting heavy weighted book with much joyous vigor, only to find your self wanting to chuck the book out the window come the start of chapter 2.

but as I stated above, 2014 you are most welcome. i have (or am forcing myself to have) really good feelings about you. 14 was always my lucky number growing up (as i couldn't possibly have 7 be my lucky number....way too common...so I had to pick something different but not entirely random) so I hope this year will be a blessedly abundant one, full of hard work, elbow greased discipline and every day joy. full of more fiction writing. more nature walking. more photography. more connections. more self discipline.
so i lift my cup of coffee and toast you, 2014, that i am not following my dreams down a rabbit hole of quagmire and disdain, instead i am climbing a mountain full of abundance, hope and hard work; knowing that i may not reach the top by the year's end, but that i keep going forward any way, ever onward into this beautiful world known as Life.


  1. "climbing a mountain full of abundance, hope and hard work" - love this!!! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks so Kim! Happy New Year to you too!!! xo

  2. What a wonderful post. So inspiring. I don't have any specific resolutions, except a vague desire to do more, to do better, to find a direction, to be more organised. Hard to know where to start though! Baby steps I think. Wishing you a very happy, successful and contented 2014, and I hope you make good progress up that mountain Rebecca. I'll be cheering you on.

  3. I love the promise of at least a month or so of relative quiet, in January, to read and think and ponder and knit...but the reality of my messy house and gray weather have to be accepted too!


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