01 May 2014

may 1st, blogging flowers, blogging new life

things have been oh-so-busy, here.
here, as meaning my life outside of this blog.
but the flip side is that i miss being here, in this space, where i have built a small web of friends.
we have all shared so many stories together. we have shared dreams and broken hearts.
but here in this first day of may, i wanted to share a few photos from the trip i just got back from.

i was in nyc, helping my sister-in-law, as she and her husband brought their first baby into the world. (more on that later)

i leave this post, not as a goodbye, but as new "hello's"& the new breath of life.

so: hello may! hello stories! hello life and hello love. hello friends, i have missed you.



  1. I was about to send you an email - you have been on my mind. So nice to see you back and perfect, beautiful pics for May.
    Chey xo

  2. I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering if I'd somehow missed your posts. Because I've missed your posts. So hello, hello, hello, so happy to have you back. CJ xx

  3. Congratulations with the new family member! And I adore these shots. I love Spring colours. THere is nothing like it.


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