12 August 2013

32 of 52 :: portraits of the boys, 2013

the boys. catalina island. part deux.

my middle looks the part of joe cool.
the oldest. 13 years going on disgruntled teen.
the youngest, fully enjoying the irish rock music at the two harbors cafe (catalina island).

I have taken so many photos this summer. I keep wanting to share at least some of  them here (at least to get some of them out of my system) yet most of them are just sitting on various dropbox folders and the hard drive...  i am curious, what do you all do with your oh so many photos? delete? dump? print? I would love to know how you sort and store.

this past week from Jodi's link up I loved: this photo over at Willow+Pear// sweet Lily jumping into the pool. delightful!// the best scrunched up happy face ever!// gorgeous Jude playing.... xxoo

hope you all are doing well this week.


  1. I must have a bit of librarian in me. I sort my images into folders within folders. 2013 is broken down into months in the 2013 folder. This is then on my computer and back up on my hard drive. Each month I go through and select one of two to print and frame. I also on a quarterly basis print off images for the Grandparents.

  2. I love the intense look on all their faces - in their different moods. I definitely get the moody teenager. I usually go through my photos and put them in folders (year/month/event) - sort for ones for the blog and once I get through a folder and has been on the computer for a couple of months it goes onto an external hard drive. I am bad and keep ones that are not worth keeping - I need to get in the habit of deleting the ones I won't use. I have to say for those of us that hung on to film for so long it is like destroying a photo - kinda weird for me.
    Chey xo

    1. Oh I think I need an external hard drive! Thanks so much Chey! xo

  3. What lovely pictures this week. I'm not particularly technical and I don't have thousands of pictures on the computer. I have taken to keeping all my pictures on the SD cards, but I do try and print plenty of them as well. Nothing beats taking an album down from the shelf and leafing through. I do a Project Life album with some writing in it most days, as well as more traditional photo albums.

    1. That is so great as well! I love getting to know how everyone organizes their photos. I should have been doing this all along! xo


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