07 August 2013

midweek messiness :: view from here

Oh the messiness now that we are back! I am trying to find a rhythm as we slowly approach the return of school. A balance of days, of creativity, of boys.

Monday I rearranged the younger two's bedroom so that there was a better flow to it. It is a tiny, tiny house we live in (though feel so blessed to be IN a house in West Los Angeles) so their room is tinier still. Both of them struggle to take space when they are upset, so I am pondering on ways to create a private space within their space (ideas gladly welcome!).

Yesterday we went to the farmer's market, which is always satisfying and lovely. There we fetched fresh farm eggs, milk, several different kinds of pluots including one called Dinosaur Egg. We also feasted on fresh homemade Pupusa's. I fell in love with the sampling I had and must find a recipe worth making and sharing.

However today we are stuck at home as the middle one has been felled by a tummy bug (it is making the rounds in the family: I had it this weekend & my oldest had it last week).

So this is my view from here. Anticipating the school year. Tending a sick one. Dreaming of food. 
Typing away at silly dreams and editing photos for unforeseen projects.

Where are you these days? I would love to know. xo


  1. Such beautiful photos Rebecca. Sorry you've been ill, hope all of you are well soon. I know what boys are like when there is upset. It's difficult. But hopefully the good times and the closeness will make the sharing worth it. Lucky you, being able to buy pluots. There's none to be found here, except the odd dried one. I'm holding on to every precious moment of the summer holidays here. Picnic yesterday, tomorrow and Friday. A day out on Saturday, Gromit spotting in Bristol. It's all good.

  2. Busy, busy here as well. We are slowly unpacking and trying to organize at the same time. The boys are building shelves to store keepsakes. I am gathering necessities for the boys attending "real school" and filling out forms and all that good stuff. Our life is slowly adjusting to life back in the states. I hope your little one feels better soon!!! Pluots are a favorite in our house and I love your photos. I am slowly gaining motivation to update the blog and get back to it.
    Chey xo

  3. Hi Rebecca, well I'm dreaming, trying hard to stop time from running away from me, looking inwards for answers, finding peace amid the highs and lows, feeling blessed, feeling overwhelmed, feeling creative, feeling stuck. Contrasts aplenty, but hopefully always expanding and growing. That's where I think - and hope! - I am... expanding and growing. So lovely to pause here this morning. x

  4. I hope you are all feeling well soon!

    We are keeping busy with my son's soccer games and occasional trips to visit family. :)

  5. tummy bugs are no fun.

    i love that there is a pluot called a dinosaur egg!

  6. rearranging here for a new little one. small spaces are challenging sometimes for privacy sake but good for coziness and closeness.


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