08 August 2013

a boy. a birthday. seven

 "Mommy. Mama. Mommy." he breathes raspy on my neck, his sweet boy face close to mine and his arms tight around my neck. "Mama. I can't wait for tomorrow. I cannot wait to be seven," he tells me for the hundredth time today, the millionth time this past hour, "I can't wait!"

"I can't wait for you to turn seven either!" I exclaim as he begins to pull away from me.

 He stops. "Heeeeyyy.....You are supposed to tell me you don't want me to turn seven, you want me to be five again." (Which is what I had been telling him all day.)

Happy birthday my sweet seven five year old. 
(I think his long Lego-ed limbs give his seven-year old-ness away)


  1. Happy Birthday to your big, getting grown up seven year old ... hope he has a fantastic day :0)

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday to the boy, it is amazing how fast they grow and change. May he have a wonderful day!!!!!
    Chey xo

  3. Happy, Happy birthday to B! I cannot believe he is 7. Or 5. Time is so relative :)

  4. Happy Birthday to your beautiful boy!


  5. I have a long-limbed seven as well. Sigh. Where does it go? Happy birthday wishes. Hope he had a really lovely day.

  6. Happy birthday to your boy. Seven is such a magical age.

  7. sigh. my boy just turned seven two weeks ago. oh, how I get this.

  8. aww. sweet. I get it. And also i try my darndest to not wish for anything else than what there is.
    they get older, we get older, que sera sera....

  9. Happy birthday to your boy, I bet you had a fab day! /maria x

  10. Happy Birthday to the lego-legged one.

    Lovely images in your last post :)

  11. Happy Belated birthday to your sweet 7 year old boy!


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