29 August 2013

five| school ready:: from Angels Have Red Hair

Hello! A Guest Post on the subject of school from Jo of Angels Have Red Hair. 
I adore Jo's blog. She always has a spectacular tale to tell or fabulous insight on 
her two adolescent young men. Her posts always make me smile. 
I hope you enjoy the lovely perspective she brings us:  

My boys are very alike ... physically.

Sometimes people think they are twins ... twins that are different heights and at different stages of physical development.

But who am I to blame them ... I clearly had some "pretend twin" fetish back in the day ... see what I did here ...

and here ...

and again ...

somebody STOP me ...

... those poor, poor children.

But that's where the similarities end ... in fact if I hadn't been present during the conception, pregnancy and birth ... I'd swear they weren't related at all.

They don't think alike ... they don't act alike.  They don't have the same view on life.  They don't like the same things ... well unless you count the things that Master 16 likes and Master 13 decides to like too ... in the hopes of irritating him.  But perhaps ... most different of all ... are their attitudes towards education, learning and school.

Master 13 is a bit of a plodder ... he's a middle of the road student.  He does what he has to do ... and not one iota more.  He doesn't excel ... but he doesn't fail.  He's slow and steady ... but he rarely wins the race.  And you know what ... he doesn't care.

Master 16 is the opposite ... he is a high achiever.  He likes to come first ... he likes to win awards.  He likes to be challenged.  He has a competitive streak a mile wide ... and it all seems to come so easily to him.  He cares ... he cares a lot.

So I thought it would be an interesting experiment to ask them a series of questions relating to school ... and see just how different they really are ... or not!

Besides everyone would like a little insight into that strange and mysterious entity ... the mind of a teenage boy ... wouldn't they?

What does school mean to you?

Master 13:  Absolutely nothing.

Master 16:  Education, friends and access to the canteen.

How could school be improved?

Master 13:  The classes are okay ... but it would be better if they got rid of all the bad kids.

Master 16:  Zero homework and zero school uniforms.

Tell me something you have observed about school.

Master 13:  There is a lot of gum on the floor.

Master 16:  All the PE (Physical Education) teachers are really good looking and school is a very intense and extreme example of different social ranks.

Tell me something that's good about school.

Master 13:  It's pretty boring ... but I do like seeing my friends.

Master 16:  Socialising with friends and working with the teachers in the academic classes ...they make sure the students are well supported and are motivated to make sure they do well.

What is the very best thing about school?

Master 13:  Friends, fun science experiments in the lab and PE prac.

Master 16:  The social factor.

What about the academic side?

Master 16:  What about it?

Tell me something that's bad about school.

Master 13:  Sandwiches for lunch.

Master 16:  Wearing a school uniform.  I hate it.  We are encouraged to be our own person ... but how can we be when we all look alike.

What is the very worst thing about school?

Master 13:  Homework ... I think I will organise a rally against it.

Master 16:  The toilets ... they are rank.

What would you like to change about your school?

Master 13:  I'd make school shorter and holidays longer.

Master 16:  I'd put soft drinks and eftpos into the canteen.

Do you like learning new things?

Master 13:  I find it pretty easy to learn things ... as long as I'm not distracted ... I get distracted a lot ... but it's really not my fault ... what's for dinner?

Master 16:  I like it.

Would you like to expand on that?

Master 16:  Everyone likes to learn new things ... don't they?  I hate learning new things ... said NO ONE EVER.

If you didn't have to go to school ... would you?

Master 13:  Probably not ... maybe once or twice a week ... in order to get a good education.

Master 16:  I would go ... but I'd take more days off.  It may be surprising ... but I actually enjoy school.

Finally, do you think school is important?

Master 13:  Well if you want to get a good job ... probably ... but if you only want to be a trolley boy ... not really.  

I didn't dare ask if he has investigated "trolley boy" as a possible career choice.

Master 16:  Yes.

Would you like to expand on that?

Master 16:  Yes, school is important.

So there you have it ... they are a bit different  ... but a bit alike ... just like twins.

I will finish with a quote from a wise and highly respected philosopher;

You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.
You're on your own, and you know what you know.
And you are the guy who'll decide where to go.

Dr Seuss
You can read more of Jo's lovely blog by clicking through here. xxoo


  1. I love that Dr Seuss book - so many quotable pages I think. I loved your post, the last few answers actually made me laugh out loud - particularly the very last answer. Boys are wonderful creatures.

  2. I just have to ask. What are eftpos?

  3. Super post!! Maybe I'm a bit biased, seeing that Jo is my sister! Thanks Rebecca, so nice to visit your lovely piece of the blogging world.

    Connie, Eftpos is a shortened way of saying Electronic Funds Transfer Position - it's our way of paying for things. It is connected to our bank accounts and when we buy something using our eftpos card, the money in our account is automatically transferred to the account of the shopkeeper. You probably have the same thing but called a different name? It's distinct from using a credit card, where you're buying with money belonging to the bank, with eftpos you are using your own money. Is it all as clear as mud now? :-)

  4. love it! I dressed mine the same for as long as I could, until they decided to pick their own clothes *weep* what was wrong with me!! your boys are very intelligent and funny x

  5. love it! I dressed mine the same for as long as I could, until they decided to pick their own clothes *weep* what was wrong with me!! your boys are very intelligent and funny x

  6. I love this post. I came here from a link on Angels Have Red Hair. I read that blog everyday I love the way she writes/expresses things about everyday life; and the poems that she writes are great too.

  7. Definitely twin tendencies in the clothing there, Jo - and look, Santa quadruplets!
    Very funny, might see what my kids say to those questions... My three are all very different, but then their different positions in the family means their experiences of life vary wildly. And that's good, life's all about variety!
    Congrats on a great guest post! xxxx

  8. oh jo can I adopt your boys?...!please! x

  9. SO interesting! Love that Master 13, after saying that school is boring and it means nothing to him, then mentions two different classes as the best thing about school. And that Master 16 says that the social side is the best thing about it. A real insight, perhaps surprisingly! Love the photos too - ones to bring out at their weddings!!xx


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