09 November 2013

eight | november writes :: find the language

she tries, and she tries and she tires from trying. she is in love with words and stories and is always searching for the right ones, but when she is in the grown-up world they always seem to come out at the wrong time, at the wrong moment.  so she loses herself in her stories and her pictures. she imagines that she is a princess in the woods. with a camera. looking for language to capture what her eyes see.

Someday she will be at the helm of her own ship, expressing her thoughts with concise precision, finding the proper expression for her stories, but for now she is content, playing second fiddle to her dreams, happy with her picture maker in hand and a story book of notes under her arm.


  1. Oh I love this! It's funny because the whole time I was reading it, I pictured myself as a child. You certainly have a way with words!

  2. dreaming and words and pictures...got to collect them and keep them always x

  3. Love this idea! Definitely joining in :)

  4. lovely rebecca! and i see you more and more taking over the wheel and not being second fiddle :)

  5. So so sweet -- this makes me think of my own young daughters; one of them has in fact been using the blogging platform to share some of her own ideas (http://ohmyamazingdays.blogspot.com :) So glad to have discovered your beautiful blog -- following you too :)


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