07 November 2013

school ready | guest post :: FARM SCHOOL : part two

As promised, part two of Chey's lovely post on her oldest son's school, The Farm School:
The Farm School also places importance on this time of transition, when adolescents become independent contributing members of their community.  A time when they need to make their own mistakes as messy as it may seem.  For example - packing their lunches, picking out weather appropriate clothing, or keeping up with assignments. 

It is also the students responsibility to inform their guides of their whereabouts on campus (they have the freedom to work throughout the campus) and if their whereabouts in unknown there will be a truancy call home.  It is important that we as parents support the Farm School and allow the students to make these mistakes now rather then when they are adults.
As we all know adolescence is a very confusing time with so much going on with the mind and physical body and as Dillon's Guide refers to it "a time of chaos."
As our adolescents go through this phase of frustration, growth, challenge, and "growing up" it is the perfect time to provide them the opportunity to see that it does not need to be a negative time in ones life, but can be fun and provide positive experiences.

During this period they often feel like minions being dictated but if we give them the chance and environment to be part of the decision making process, to make good choices, to see the results of their involvement they will begin to fulfill that role of "mini adults".

At the Farm School the students are learning how to learn, how to be independent, how to problem solve, when and how to make the right choices, and how to be valuable members of their community.

These students are experiencing the satisfaction of being a key factor within the community, seeing that their participation is what allows it to function and be successful.

Montessori mantra  "Help me to do it by myself"
I loved every single bit about this post! Thank you so much Chey for taking the time to craft such a wonderful post for the school ready series!  xxoo

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