04 November 2013

school ready| guest post::FARM SCHOOL | part one

I am so thrilled to have Chey from the blog the other side of the pond....and back bringing us a wonderful guest post about the Montessori school her oldest attends. I could only dream of such wonders for my oldest! Reading about this school is the perfect way to start off your week! (this post is so delightful and full of wonderful photos I am splitting it up between this Monday and this Thursday!) 
For the last three years I home schooled our 2 boys while we lived outside of the U.S. (they perviously attended Montessori school in Colorado).  We were very lucky in that they were able to return to Montessori, one in their old school and the oldest in a Montessori school that is K-12.  Our oldest is attending a very unique school that has the only curriculum like it in the country (we really are so lucky) - it is called the Farm School and is for years 12-15.

The Farm School is based on Dr. Maria Montessori's thoughts regarding adolescent development and functions on a Working Village model.  The goal is to create a microcosm of a small village through 8 Occupations that the students can choose from and attend 1 for an entire semester.  The Occupations include Bike Shop, Compass Creative Reuse Center, Farm Studio, Community and Commerce, Culinary Arts, Language Matters, Water and Inquiry, and Village Theater Guild.  Each Occupation is directed by a Guide.  The students are also assigned an Advisement class (similar to a home room) but is considered their family within the Village.  At the beginning of the year the students take a trip with their Advisement group for 3 days which is known as their "Disorientation Trip".  This is a time for the students and guides to re-set and prepare for the school year with a positive attitude towards school.  The number one purpose for the students and the guides is to bring back the fun in learning as well as to feel the satisfaction and enjoyment when working within a community.

The students also have the option in the afternoons to attend Windows (or electives), these can include Civics, Math, Music, Team Sports or Ultimate Frisbee.    On Wednesdays the students remain with their occupation the entire day and are considered Field Trip Day - the Water and Enquiry Occupation may visit local streams and collect samples or the Culinary Arts Occupation may visit a local grocery store to research supplies and cost (this Occupation is responsible for the hot lunch program for the entire school).
Following Maria Montessori's beliefs regarding the importance of adolescents becoming involved with money and goods and services in relation to contributing to their community the Farm School's working village has a fully functioning Micro-economy.  It is the responsibility of each Occupation to provide products and/or services that are of value to the community. 

 There is a Student Economic Council that meets weekly to discuss the monetary concerns of the Farm and Village and accept any requests for funds from the Occupations.  It is the responsibility of the Student Economic Council to keep the Farm School's Community budget in the black and distribute necessary funds throughout the year..... 
to be continued!! I hope you return on Thursday to find out a bit more about the Farm School and see all the wonderful photograph's Chey has taken! She is quite the photographer! And please say hello to her over on her blog, the other side of the pond....and back! xxoo


  1. What an amazing school! This is what ALL schools should be like, it's absolutely perfect. I wish we had this sort of thing where I live. Chey's family is lucky indeed.

  2. sounds amazing..
    will be sure to check back thursday for more!

  3. I would love for you to write a guest post on education for my blog. You can contact me at iliska_dreams@hotmail.com, for more information


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