23 November 2013

november's middle | portraits of the boys

so busy these days and for the million photos I seem to take every week, I can barely find one I am satisfied of my three so I have been avoiding posting their weekly portraits. However,  as I am aware that I will never quite be satisfied with anything I do these days I am posting them, none-the-less:

-hard to believe the oldest will be in high school next year.
-I caught my youngest playing with a simple boat he had made in class for the american holiday, Thanksgiving (note the boat's name "The Mayflower").
-and the middle, clutching his drink and trophy during his end of season celebration of flag football.

I can scarcely breathe when I think of December! hope this weekend is treating you well! xo


  1. You're much too hard on yourself ... these photos are fantastic.

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    1. these are beautiful photos of beautiful boys. just lovely. x

  3. Just beautiful the love you capture in your photography and your words brings a tear to my eye. Seriously, you are so good, doubting yourself just shows you have high standards. x

  4. Stunning photos, I really love the perspective of the first one.

  5. HI There! I feel like I'm been missing you!
    I had no idea your oldest was almost in High School! Wow!
    Your boys are so lovely.

  6. Such handsome lads you have there...

    Nina x

  7. i love everything about that "mayflower" capture, the light, the handmade boat, the boy. x

  8. Krisit already said it, but I must say it again: The pics of the Mayflower boat and your little boy are wonderful.


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