03 September 2013

autumn bends near

school is in. autumn bends near. 
in the early morning hours,  I forget the colors of Fall, only wanting to linger on the crushed flowered smells of summer. the hot haze. napping house afternoons.

in southern california, autumn arrives, but only in faded colors and muted summer memories. there are moments, in this hot heat and rounding end of summer, that I long for quiet, crisp afternoons, a catch of foggy breath in the morning and the brilliant reds and oranges of the oak and maple.

how are things these days for you?


  1. Summer seems but a distant memory here, in the Hebrides. Autumn is charging at us with winter following near. Island winds and sideways rains are beginning to make an appearance. In the past, particularly the last two years I allowed the darker days to take hold of me a little but this year I'm preparing myself early on (or trying to) and am determined to use this season for rest and quiet creativity and a more positive experience. This morning I collaged early autumn leaves with Matilda and I'm looking forward to showing my two all the good autumn brings.
    Lovely words from you as ever Rebecca.

  2. seasons cusp is always a struggle for me, i like my certainty! spring came, and went as quickly here. but we might get snow. snow!

  3. We're most definitely into the cusp of autumn - long shadows, return of warm sunshine for a few days, and that misty coolness of the morning. I'll be sad to see summer go, but looking forward to crunchy leaved walks with my toddler in the coming weeks so it's not all bad!
    Haven't stopped by your corner of the internet for a while - real life has been getting in the way of my blogging, grr!! Off for a read back through your summer posts. xx

  4. Summer has come back here in England, just for a few days. It is warm and sunny, but children are missing now, all back at school. Change is coming for me I fear, and not one that I want. I am in limbo, and that is not something I deal with well. But right now I am enjoying the sunshine and the last gasp of summer. Lovely to read your post and imagine life with you, so many miles away. Hope you have a good weekend Rebecca.


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