28 January 2013

Gratitude Mondays

Gratitude Mondays: Gratitude is the New Black 
And though Gratitude doesn't hit the runways for any fashion preview, it doesn't hurt to wrap ourselves up in it from time to time...especially on the hardest day of the week, Monday. 

I am so, so, so grateful this week.

I am so grateful for amazing scenery whooshing past me as I stare out the bus window; staring out, thinking, reflecting amongst the noise and happy teens around me. 

I am so grateful for the crushing sound of Yosemite Falls,the rushing flying spray of its waters, and the long journey it has to make to nourish the valleys & the people & the crops hundreds of miles away.

I am so very grateful for meadows that are left dusted by snow and shadowed by the long trees and towering mountains in and around them. All the valleys & plains carved by an ice age thousands upon thousands of years ago. 

I am grateful for points of view that are steep, incredible & scary. I am grateful for my heart that pounds as I look over the railing, watching the rushing water scatter over the rocks below feeding the stream, into the river, into my soul. 

I am so very grateful for PineCones. They become the trees I love. The Pine, the Evergreen who hold the wind that whispers in our hearts.

I am so grateful for the Giants of our World: the Majestic Sequoias. They hold more knowledge, and years, and life, than I could ever hope to obtain. 

I am grateful for the Mountain Laurel emerging from the snow, saying, "good day" to my heart, making me smile. 

I am grateful for this meadow full of snow with squishy boggy streams underneath. For feeling my heart skip a beat as it does cartwheels and makes angels in the snow. I am grateful for the Great Grey Owl that lives in this meadow. Though I never saw him, I know he saw me, he knew that I was there. He knows that I will come back one day, calling for him, looking for him to soar over the meadow, hunting in the dusky dark of night. 

I am grateful for my time in Yosemite: for laughing until my belly hurt & my eyes watered & my jaw was sore; for falling over in the snow while cross-country skiing; for making new friends; for eating SO well & nourishing my whole entire self.

I am just so, so, so grateful for this past week...though perhaps you knew that already.


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