18 January 2013

A Short Post on Being Present

a short post about being present in the moment. 
short because thats all I got. 

I got up early to work, to think, to write. I wanted the space to lay out the plans for the morning and the coming weekend. As I was making coffee and feeding our pups, my youngest, B, appeared. Apparently he was honing in on his "mom's awake" radar.  I tried to return him to his room, then when that didn't work, tuck him into our bed. That didn't work either.

He is now pretending to be some sort of creature. An up-too-early creature who will be over tired at the end of the day. The little creature is now whining and galloping through our bedroom and into the kitchen and living room.  Perhaps he is pretending to be a very fast and whimper-y hedgehog (hedgehogs and polar bears are among his favorite).

I am pretending to be the mom that is NOT annoyed that he is infringing on the small amount of time I am attempting to carve out for myself. If you were here with us, you would hear B, making odd "creature noises" and me, tapping away on the screen, (click, click, click) pretending to be a half engaged mom, "Oh little creature...you are so cute." "Oh cute little creature....." then not finishing my idea or sentence because I am trying to write a post about being PRESENT in the here and now and I am not doing a very good job at multi-tasking. Grrrrrr says the voice inside my head. (and so does my voice because now the Little Creature is scratching my toes trying to get my attention.)

So I will end this post.

Because sometimes life doesn't allow for us to do exactly what we want when we want to. But I am going to try to be present with what life is handing me.

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