06 July 2013

27 of 52 :: portraits of the boys

photos above: the younger two, up to imaginative mischief in the back yard.

photo below: the oldest, interrupted while reading, and very much looking the part of the oldest.
blog love from last week's portraits: Luckybeans dapper three. They look so clever and smart in the pair of glasses they found// Little Beds sweet photos of her two// This darling sweet boy standing on his two feet. The joy radiates from his sweet smile// These two. Max's sweet babes, one fishin', the other sittin'.// The joy and silliness over at Little Buckles. The colors are so vibrant and these two are beyond cute.

how has your week been?  I would love to know. xxoo


  1. Ah love dirty knees and hands of children enjoying themselves outside! Oldest boy really does look the part of the oldest doesn't him, I do detect a glimpse of man within him x

  2. There is nothing better than the play that comes from roaming around outside. Just beautiful captures xx

  3. Play with stones and wood is just beautiful. I love the way you've captured it. Some lovely reflective looks!

  4. Oh I know that look of the eldest! It is getting harder and harder to capture Hugo :) I love the deep colour in your photos (if that makes sense?) x

  5. Imaginative mischief is the best. The boys are finding some of that now that we are back at the farm. Wonderful photos capturing those moments. The signs of growing older - hmmm we are seeing that here as well. I want to hang onto childhood so much for them!!!! Beautiful photos!!!!!!
    Chey xo

  6. We're on holidays here too, but in the reverse of yours two weeks of winter break after term 2. A quiet, ambling week for us, highs and lows. Staying very close to home these days with my brood, appreciating those i have and keeping them close. I was to go away with dear girlfriends for a couple of nights this weekend past, something long planned, but I had to stay home. Sometimes you can't explain exactly the reasons why, it's not that I wouldn't have had a wonderful time, but I just needed to stay with my family. Today we did something small but big for my SIL. She's away this weekend with her daughter, recharging and taking breath with friends by the beach. We had keys to their place and went in and cleaned away literally dozens of dead flower arrangements. We washed vases, vacuumed and mopped the floor. We cleaned bathrooms and dusted all surfaces. I took two special, pretty archive boxes and carefully put in all the condolence cards, letters and clipped funeral notices and tied with with beautiful ribbons. We opened new scented room diffusers, stocked the fridge with homemade soup, left fresh bread and a bottle of wine on the counter. We left the house looking fresh, smelling great, looking a little hopeful although admittedly a bit more "of a new chapter". It took only 90 minutes of our time but it was doing something for someone that they couldn't do for themselves and we HOPE it will make the transition to the next stage a teensy bit easier .... x

  7. If only you had a hidden tape recorder out with the boys ... I'd love to hear what fantastic stories must be created when they are up to imaginative mischief.
    That face on your eldest ... I know that look very, very well.
    Hope you have a fantastic week :0)

  8. they look like they are having a fantastic summer! Lovely portraits!

  9. That photo of your oldest caught in the middle of reading is just stunning, such a lovely capture of him. It's been a quiet week here so far, just perfect for the last week of holidays:) xx

  10. Wonderful portraits. "Imaginative mischief" - love that!! :) Your eldest is looking so mature. :)

  11. Great portraits of your boys. This is exactly how I imagine boys playing - outside and getting dirty. And they look like they're enjoying it too. Only another 5 months before we get our own back yard - hopefully my boys will get up to their "imaginative mischief" outside of the house for a change. xx

  12. beautiful boys, mama.
    nice to catch up here.


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