02 July 2013

mothering :: poetry in circles

the quiet rim of your glass after milk has been drunk,
stained, a foggy white
with the small circled line left behind
on the deep auburn wooded table.

baby lips circled in a laugh.

blinking back tears made in your saucer cupped cerulean eyes.

life as a mama seems to be made in circles.

the baskets made for carrying,
the circle of the hands that wrapped around you when you were born.

the polka dotted thumb prints on the once clean window,

honeyed golden circles on hot biscuits,
tiny parts crumbling, dancing around your plate.

the way my life encircles yours
then at the end of the day, always circles back around.

::foliophoto with bedsidesign 
(Sandra from raincoast creative salon is taking the summer off)
next week the prompt is climb
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  1. Lovely words. The eyes blinking back tears always get me. So big and dark and round when the tears are hiding there.

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet comment CJ! xo

  2. god i love this! you have no idea how important the circle is to me as a mother and artist! The circle for me sums up more in it's continual line than i could ever explain in a lifetime of words! You just added to the symbolism for me...it will resurface again, new and reformed in an artwork I am sure....creativity rolling around like a circle for those willing to stop and grab it and push it forward...a game of hoops! You words are beautiful....life.....thoughts....creativity.....life....a circle right here in the very act of posting xxxxx

    1. love, love, love your comment! I am so glad I have added symbolism to you life. xo

  3. Another fantastic post ... you certainly do have a beautiful way with words.

    1. You are too sweet but your words have made my day! xo

  4. pretty words, and I love that bowl. I have a similar one in a huge size. good for making bread.

    1. Thanks so! Yes, those bowls are good for making bread. xo

  5. Love this Rebecca, ... the circle is such a beautiful metaphorical shape, for so much of life. I never looked at it this way though, through the lens of mothering, but it's so perfect. Enjoy the 4th with your lovely brood :) xo


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