21 July 2013

29 of 52 :: portraits of the boys

the boys in their element, in the mountains of colorado.
               The oldest is scheming with his youngest brother to help the younger build a "dam" with sticks and rocks in the creek. The youngest is working hard on his dam while the older two are hiking with their dad. And the middle, happy as a clam having caught a lizard.

blog love: Erogene's glorious captures of her two littles; Belinda's beautiful black and white captures of her three; Greer's beautiful girls outside in the winter;  and sweet little smith all tuckered out.

how has your week been? xxoo


  1. Ahhhh I do love the wilderness scheming of little boys ...

  2. Beautiful portraits as always, I just adore that first one so much!

  3. More fabulous pictures of your busy, busy boys :0)

  4. These are wonderful! Kids & nature... the best combo ever!

  5. I especially love the first shot, boys always come up with the best schemes!

  6. gorgeous flowery fields! wow! where is that?

  7. Boys do know how to enjoy themselves don't they!

    These are wonderful records of a childhood year being created in 52 portraits. I wish there'd been a medium like this for recording my lot's earlier years.

  8. beautiful summertime photos! Just lovely!

  9. ahh, the flowery meadow one is my favourite, it just looks so lush and colourful. but the frog one is so quintessentially kids isn't it even though it makes me shudder. my girl brought in a bird the cat had been taunting, so gently the other day. i'm dreading the day she finds out I'm so squeamish about slimy things!


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