17 July 2013

mothering, a round, full circle

in a round.
in a circle.
i come back around
to my childhood,
to my home,
looping back,
to the beginning,
to the place where my mother's illness grew.
where the ALS* spread slowly,
taking her body away from her,
taking her away from us.

like the seasons that circle us,
where the cycles encircle us.
round, i spin back
and also forward,
dusting away the thick motes of memory
and the holding pool of hope in my hand.

so i come back,
back around, in a circle,
walking through my childhood
my home. circling around in my mother's thoughts.
circling around death
 and life.

and the strength of my children.
and the strength in my children,
circles, back around,
back around, from my mom to me.
a circle, round, holding me

*ALS is also known in the states as Lou Gehrig's Disease, however abroad it is know as MND (Motor Neuron Disease). There were many visits to Colorado last summer and fall as my mother was dying from ALS. She died this past November of 2012. This is my first visit to Denver since her death. So in this trip, I am very much thinking of her.  
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hope you all are well. xxoo


  1. A beautiful post Rebecca, full of stillness and reflection. Thank you for sharing these words.

  2. beautiful. so sorry for your loss, that is so sad Rebecca! Autumn got me after my Dad died, it was such a beautiful autumn that year and my heart couldn't bear he didn't see it! hugs xxxxx

  3. Such a thoughtful, wonderfully written post. I am so terribly sorry for your loss, she seems like such a special woman. And the "strength in your children" bit... perfect. Sending hugs your way.

  4. Beautiful. My thoughts are with you during this time. So true our children give us strength, as I am sure you gave your mother strength in her time of need.
    Chey xo

  5. I am just catching up a bit... My thoughts will be with you. xo


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