16 July 2013

rain along the way.

As we traveled along the road to Colorado, big dark clouds gave way to rain; much needed in this dry drought ridden area.  The forrest fires have been intense this summer out here in the west. The sky seemed to be hiding the much needed rain. We all watched as the ground opened up and drank in the much needed moisture; the desert plants seem to blossom with green right before our eyes and the dry soil became dark and fertile once again. The rich red hues were made glorious by the dark skies and pelting raindrops.

We loved watching the rain clouds build up on the horizon, then come tumbling down over the plateaus and mountains off in the distance. It was breathtaking. It also made our long road trip, which threatened to be hot and uncomfortable, much cooler and enjoyable.



  1. So beautiful!
    :) Liz @ www.rusticpeach.com

  2. That first picture looks like an watercolour painting...gorgeous! Enjoy your travels x

  3. Gorgeous words, just lovely. And that first one does look like a painting. Oh how I'd love to be driving on a long, long road in the rain right now. Holly.x


  4. I can smell the rain through these pictures. Beautiful x

  5. I love that series of photos. I am crazy mad for interesting skies and seriously I can find something interesting in most skies. A very long time from now I'm sure my grown girls will tell their children how Nan used to say, every time she got in the car, LOOK AT THOSE CLOUDS, WHAT AN AMAZING SKY! DO YOU SEE IT?

  6. such beautiful pictures, we could do with some of that here and it's a rare thing to say in England, we are melting here in an amazing heat wave!


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