10 July 2013

climbing into July.....

Climbing into July.
The house slowly descends into chaos. 
Cushions piled high, then higher still. 
Boys who long to jump from heights, 
dreaming of parachutes and catching a little wind. 
A mama who gasps a bit too much, but pulls out her camera anyway.

foliophoto with bedsidesign. xo


  1. Oh my - I love, love this post. It sounds like our house exactly. How many times have a seen a mountain created by the boys to jump off. You don't want to look in fear of the "what if" but you watch anyway. Of course you have to document these moments. You will sit and read these posts later and say "remember when". The boys and I will sit and read our blog from the time on the island and dream about our time there. So wonderful to have these to look back on.
    Chey xo

  2. We are holding out for our Summer holidays to begin and we will be absolutely climbing in too. Just two weeks to go.

    Nina x

  3. We used to do this when we were young :-) You're a kind mother!

  4. Lol ... boys will be boys ... and anything that involves towers, jumping from great heights and messing up the house ... usually means they are having great fun :0)

  5. So fun and playful - exactly what summer should be!

  6. Sublime images Rebecca, childhood distilled :)

  7. oh boys and jumping! It's in their core...we have similar here! Beautiful post xxx


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