15 July 2013

across the desert. into the sky.

the sky became a doorway. looming large around us.
my eyes opened to the journey ahead, across the desert.
a starting point into my heart and an opening of my soul.

and the desert. 
whispering ghosts of lives lived and lost.  
stories built up and broken down. 
battered in the sun, tempered in the rain, 
racing in time and memory.  

joining in with bedsidesign for foliophoto.
are you traveling these days? where are you going? xxoo


  1. Lovely pictures and words. I haven't been to the desert myself, so it always reminds me of Jim Morrison. ;)

  2. How much I love visiting your blog and your world:~))

  3. Beautiful and such a great approach! I'll be on vacation in the end of August to visit my family on Long Island and I cannot wait!

  4. Beautiful images of the mountains and the sky (and the open road in your latest post) Rebecca... they stir the soul. I hope to be able to capture desert scenes myself, will be heading to the West coast in a few days... wonderful thing that we never stop wanting to travel far and wide. xo

  5. poetry in words and imagery xxxx


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