26 April 2013

fodder + folly

                               provender(food) + rubbish(waste)
things that have fed me this week that i am grateful for(fodder for the imagination & my soul): walking home after a visit to the library with my middle and finding this wall stretched out with these flowers, bees humming in and out of them.
-this post here about about creativity and letting things in. 
-this art work by Karina. 
-this lovely straight forward post from Catherine about the language of DSLR cameras. 

-and most especially carved out spaces in trees 
that hold secrets only the forrest stands witness to. 
folly and rubbish: things that I would like to leave behind in the fields. 
-things unattainable. such as the strong greedy desire in me to own this camera. Its so pricey but it makes me gasp with lust. 
-put downs. they are never good for anyone's soul. remember how you talk out loud to yourself, it becomes the language your child learns. they in turn will think its okay to talk to themselves that way. this e-course seems like a good idea instead. 
-assumptions. i am really trying to leave those in behind in the field to rot. to become fodder for something else. 

+so this week, what has been provender, full of things that make you smile? what has been folly or rubbish you are leaving behind?


  1. Love this. Thanks Becca!

    Food - smiles with friends. Giggles with kids
    Folly - worries about the future....

    Happy Friday!

    1. Oh I like your folly -that is a very good one to leave behind! xo

  2. I love the photo of the holes in the tree - fallen over trees were my playground as a child.
    Fodder - an upturn in weather that lifted my spirits as we ready to leave our home here in the UK.
    Rubbish - the never ending report that was turned in this week.

    Here is to a wonderful weekend!!!!

    Chey xo

    1. I love upturn's in weather! Ugh to reports. Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well! xo

  3. That shot of the field takes me home again...
    I did the put-ups and put-downs activity with my kiddos. So powerful. Thanks for the link to the e-course. I missed that one!

    Fodder: seedlings, spring bird watching & a first baseball game
    Folly: bandwagoning folks that just need to calm down, sit down and have a nice chat!

    Happy Weekend!

    1. Thanks so Dawn! I love your fodder. As for the folly, yes sometimes folks DO just need to take a deep breathe, wait minute and then choose their words a bit more carefully. xo


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