23 April 2013

ripple effect :: smile

art, the humanities, poetry, science, physics, learning, gifted teachers, mentors, community. If there is anything that this last week's events has shown me is that we need more of the aforementioned. we just do.
so i implore you: learn. learn and then teach; share your passion with others. learn a craft, something that weaves together your soul and your mind, helps you feel grounded, alive and human. whether this is mixing molecules, solving scientific equations, painting in oils or spilling words across a page, all of this, bring us closer to who we are meant to be. it could be learning to parent with more love, creating a fuller community, sowing neighborliness, friendly hellos, imparting care on those less fortunate; all of these are not only intrinsic ways to invest in the small world around us, but deeply affect the world beyond us. 

and this ripples out in waves. we become a part of a collective, a collective ripple effect: the you and the me, the here and now. and the how in which we live into this, not where we live or what we wear, but how we live is the ripple effect that moves us humans forward.  

so we are are the ripple effect. you are the ripple effect. our children are the ripple effect. we pass it on and pay it forward. but sometimes all we need to do, is start with a smile. 

*joining in with raincoast cottage and bedside design for fotopholio. XXOO


  1. Wonderful post Rebecca, it made me teary because it's so true and so beautiful and so simple a plea really (especially as you say - Start with a smile)... I second your earnest appeal and can just imagine a world rippling with such love and goodness :) p.s. love your little boy's sweet sweet smile...

    1. Thanks so much. It was a quick posted plea so I am glad it made sense. Hope your week is a lovely one so far Catherine. xo

  2. LOVE it - yes we need to create a ripple effect!

  3. Perfectly said - Thank You!!!! I agree when I see people share what they are passionate about with others it is so appreciated. Smiles are definitely the best start. Lovely photos
    Chey xo

  4. This is so beautifully written and I love the boy's smile. I always say a smile goes a long way, for us and others around.


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