30 April 2013

poetic pause :: colored green

green as my apple
          as green granny smith.
celery, broccoli 
          and sometimes a froggy.
ocean azul turquoise
               laced around my neck, pretty.
shamrocks emerald isle green
                         james joyce, witty.
green with envy.
             not contempt. i am green 
                                    not yet ripe. 

i am green. not quite ripe.
                    nor do i want to be yet.
i don't want to fall from the tree, i want to breathe in all this life i am learning in.
pull in the water and the soil and the moisture, feel the nutrients up from the ground.
i want to feel the breeze play across my green skin
and the drops of dew drip across me from the shaded green leaves
and tawny stemmed branches leaves hoisting me
up to all that learning and ripening i yearn to do.
                                  i am green. not quite ripe. nor do i want to be yet.

+fotopholio with raincoast cottage and bedsidesign. xxoo


  1. "i am green. not quite ripe. nor do i want to be yet." Ahhhhh. Love it.
    Lovely words. Beautiful green photos. x

    1. Oh happy day! I am so glad there was a little snippet in there that stood out to you.
      This was written out in such a playful way I was sure nothing would stick. xo

  2. You are such a wordsmith! I love it!

    1. I blush Christie. You are too sweet.
      thanks so, I needed those words. xo

  3. green is my favorite color :)

    1. Mine too! (with blue competing on an occasion) xo

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks ever so much Helen. I have had so much green around my blog lately
      I was unsure what I what I would come up with! Thanks so much for saying hello. xo

  5. Your words and pictures pull me in...I love them. So soft. XO

    1. Thanks so much Christina. I take that as a high compliment.

  6. The green of that clover is amazing ... I love it

    1. The clover is amazing -I found it on a hike and I couldn't believe my eyes. xo


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