02 April 2013

poetic pause :: my twin, my soul. my anima. my animus

peas in a pod. cleaved together. 
thick as thieves, these two. 
inseparable. separated at birth. 
same. so same. so.

peas in a pod. cleaved together.
 thick as thieves, 
these two. inseparable. separated at birth. so same.so. 

my twin, my soul, my anima, my animus. we hunt together over grass shredded by the wind and plains carved out by glaciers long ago. we lie in the shade of the moon and in the sunlight of the sighing aching pines that tower above the edges of our dreams. the stars shout out to us in the falling snow. bare boulders, tumbled down & dusted with lace woven lichen, warm us in the cool grey afternoon of the spring. we hunt together over grass, shredded by the wind and in plains carved out by glaciers long ago. my twin, my soul, my anima, my animus. 

notes: i try to write something every week that goes along with this series, #fotopholio created by bedside design and raincoast cottage. the prompt this week was "twins", which immediately made my stomach lurch as it is a difficult thing to capture well in images ( or in words) especially if you don't know any twins, and you are trying to take the project seriously, AND you are not a creeper... 
i was on the beach with my boys + my youngest's best friend last week and though i wasn't working on the prompt at the time as soon as i took the photo, i knew i had to make it work somehow for this week, it is not brilliant, but it will do. Excited to see what others are up to this week. Please check them out & join in. 
PS. these ladies are wow good, but don't be intimidated. it is about the working and the doing and the creating: it is beautiful because it is your own


  1. Well done! I especially like how the stripes on the two blankets seem to pull the image together. And, the one has curly hair and the other straight! Like opposites attracting.

    So glad I found your blog!

    1. thanks so much Jane! I too loved the contrast, whether they are truly twins or not. It was such a beautiful image (for me anyway).
      so so glad you came by! xo

  2. Oh Rebecca your words once more warmed my heart! I loved this post and you did such a great job with it! :)

    1. Thanks so Christie. I really appreciate it. xo


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