28 December 2013

52 | 52 a year closing quietly

a sleepy quiet has filled up the rooms these days since Christmas. we are letting things be. laundry washed, but not folded and put away; dishes are clean but remain unstacked. there is tinkering with toys, building forts, constructing Legos. most of all we look around at our small corner of the universe,  and feel abundantly lucky and blessed. 


  1. Same here ... it's been a crazy mixture of mad activity and then big doses of sleepy inactivity ... gives you plenty of time to reflect. Congrats on making it to 52/52 ... I've still got to take this weeks portraits ... but I've got hours left yet ... maybe another nap first ;0)

    1. Oh how I wish we could live next door! xo

  2. Lovely winter holiday days. Beautiful photos as always Rebecca. Well done on doing 52 weeks. How wonderful to have all of these pictures to look back at. You have inspired me!

  3. Wow - such beautiful shots. I have loved seeing your photos over the year Rebecca, you have such a talent for filling your shots with so much emotion and love, they have always been some of my favourites over the year x

  4. just sublimely beautiful! happy new year my darling xxxxx

  5. I absolutely love all three of these. You can feel the boys moods in each of them - even if sleeping. This time of year is a time of shifting - soaking up the last bits of the year and preparing for the renewed energy of the new one!!!!! You have posted wonderful photos all year and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them. I wish you and your family a wonderful new year full of joy, happiness, adventure and love!!!!

    Chey xoxo

  6. Such gorgeous portraits. They share such a special insight into your world.
    Sophie x

  7. Ditto. Constructing lego, all of us. And feeling abundantly lucky and blessed. Much love to you. x

  8. "A sleepy quiet"....exactly. Same here. :)


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