27 December 2013

december writing | shadows

In the days after Christmas, long shadows stretch over the house. Life is lived in rewind. We play over and over again the happenings of days past, we remember loved ones no longer with us and heave collective sighs as we watch our children unwrap their days, their gifts, their dreams.

Let us rest in these shadows. Let us find a small spring of renewal that gurgles up from the darkest part of the night, to fill our cups, to fill our hearts again with hope.

love to you all in these long shadowed days of Christmas tide. a small response to the prompt "shadow" from Amanda and write alm. xo


  1. love that top photo, so fitting with your words.

  2. Beautiful Rebecca......yes you have roused the poetry in me too.......

  3. What a beautiful illustration of this period time. The melancholy and the beauty of it. Lovely!

  4. Thanks for the reminder to rest in the shadows.

  5. Beautiful. A big sigh. It is a time of such emotion. Hoping you are all enjoying it.


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