11 December 2013

| november writes :: first snow

to knit: quick, a warm set of mitts
to play: making cheeks rosy, pink pinched

There is nothing so glorious

as a pair of red mittens, 

on the hands of a young child

as she plays in the winter white snow.
here is a small remnant of words from last months november writes series. amanda is into december prompts now so I encourage you to check out the series over in write alm // habit of being. xxoo


  1. These are some beautiful words. And I'm excited to have found write alm's prompts. Very tempting.

  2. ah! there you are! red mittens and snow. what a lovely concept. reminds me of that book I just read....The Snow Child, wonderful read by the way.
    please pop over to my place for a giveaway! I'd love to see you there.


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