13 December 2013

tummy blues and holiday spirit

much to my chagrin, another one of my merry men was felled by the ugly stomach bug, again.  don't tell his younger brother, who is very competitive with him these days, but the middle one had it much worse. yesterday, he didn't want me further than an arms length from him all day, so that meant the loads of holiday errands that need to be run, completed, and checked off are pushed back until next week as our weekend is incredibly, blessedly busy.  so i puttered around the house, not getting much done, other than cleaning the loads of laundry that now needed to be done, (notice I didn't say folding and putting away) and enjoying the grand privilege of wiping my son's face after each stomach purge. 

but we do have holiday spirit! the boys adore opening up the advent calendars sent to them by their grandmother (my husband's mother) and we have decked our tiny house with lights and wreaths and garland (i ran a wreath workshop/how-to at our church last weekend -it was so lovely to create and make -even my youngest delighted in the making).  then, with the left over wreath makings my youngest came home and built himself a  backyard shelter with wood and the cuttings (see photos in this post). it was super cute to see him out there on sunday, working away, ignoring american football. 

we will get a tree soon! the younger two want the tree up for the 12 days of Christmas so we have been holding off on getting one just yet as our house IS tiny and we have many creatures under one roof. i was looking at sparse subalpine fies (like over on terrain), but my youngest wants a big tree (frasier fir) with lots of branches so his can play with his stuffed animals in it.  last night, as i was trying to get him to sleep he bemoaned the fact that Chanukah was 8 nights of "presents." i told him we could open up the presents slower this year using the 12 days of Christmas. i am not sure he bought that idea, really, at all (though i love it -it feels like it would slow the frenzied Christmas spirit down a bit). what i truly think he was hoping for was more presents on top of the presents he is already planning on getting.  silly boy. 

today i am hoping for less vomiting and more merry-making. i am crossing my fingers that none of us get another round of this tummy bug. 

hope your weekend plans are looking merry and bright! 



  1. Oh - I love when the boys get creative with their shelter building. The purist of boy heart is what comes out. Sorry another one was down. It seems as though when sickness hits it makes us all pause and slow down. I dream of the smell of Christmas ( a live tree) in the house. We will be setting ours up close to Christmas - we cannot wait. Great captures with the photos!!!!!
    Enjoy your busy holiday merriment weekend. We will be spending time with family.
    Chey xoxo

  2. So sorry you've more sickness, it's no fun at all. I hope you are all well now though. We're getting a tree tomorrow I think. Then the boys will decorate it in their own inimitable way.

  3. There's nothing better than a boy with a big imagination ... even if it's sometimes used to find ways to get more presents. My boys get so competitive ... they'd probably fight over who was sickest too. Hope everyone is feeling better real soon.

  4. I hope everyone is feeling a bit better at your place. Love that last pic and adore the words "blessedly busy". Elisa xx

  5. Hope your son feels better real soon… love the cozy shelter created by the littlest one and love the idea of a handmade wreath! xo

  6. so sorry about the tummy bug- no fun at all. hope your tree goes up soon and there is lots of merry-making in your world. and CONGRATS on the gorgeous Kindred cover! LOVE it!


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