19 December 2013

52 | missed ones

3 boys, 3x the photos. A mix of missed, and perhaps missed (as I am too lazy to go back through them, to know for sure) photos. I sure love those boys of mine, and I sure have loved this project. As I sift through the photos, I realize how elusive my newly minted teen has been this year, and how much easier it was to capture my youngest as he is around more. More missed photos of him, than of the oldest. In this upcoming year, more time with that oldest, maybe not capturing him on camera, but more time spent being with him is in order for sure. 


  1. Wonderful pictures. I love the one of the hand holding, so moving. Something we do every day, but that isn't often pictured. I must try and take this shot as well. And that last picture is beautiful. I discovered recently, when looking for a picture of my middle boy for a project, that I didn't have many solo photos of him at all. I'm trying to remedy that now.

  2. So true, my eldest barely leaves his room ... every now and then I force him out ... which is always popular!! Sometimes I try to go in and join him ... but the teenage boy smell forces me out ... I'm sure you know what I mean ;0)


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