31 December 2013

tuesday's notes | december thirty-first

It is very, very early here on the West Coast of the United States. I am sitting on my couch with my middle, he is up with a nasty bout of croup, and I am up, sitting next to him, waiting for the dawn and letting my mind meander to far flung places, to the ocean so near and of crossing the prime meridian where it is very likely already a new year. 

Fourteen years ago, my husband and I, expecting our first born, watched, waited and toasted the new millineum. We watched the telecasts from all across the world, watched as the sun rose on another side of the globe long before it set its rays upon the shadows of our window panes. Less than two weeks later our lives would be turned upside down when we welcomed our oldest into the world. I like to think that I was a practical dreamer back then. Practical in every sort of way with unrealistic expectations of how my life would be made. Now here I am, practicality thrown out the window, with very little expectations of how things will be on any given day. 

I am quite ready for the New Year. I am ready for things to start anew, for new plans, for new adventures; however, I am also ready for the adventures that are already here: raising my boys, living this life, running alongside a world full of hope and wonder. 

So as the sun goes down on the ocean today, as it rising somewhere else, I will be toasting all the good, all the unexpected, all the hard work. I will be toasting you, and you; I will toast to your family and mine; to the lost and wandering, the found and discovered; I will toast to all things hidden and unknown, to all the open hearts and to all the many open doors. 

cheers to a very happy and abundant New Year. xxoo
we say goodbye, with smiles and tears,
to this passing of years.
we lie in anticipation of what the new day will bring,
unknown abundance in sown fields
hope and resolution
clearing away the noise to find what rests in our hearts.
the quiet voice that nourishes our soul.


  1. Thank you for the beautiful read and photos first thing this morning. It is so amazing how our expectations and approach to life evolve as we become mama's and move through life. I hope the middle one feels better soon.
    Here is to a wonderful 2014 for you and your family.
    Chey xoxo

  2. You always know just what to say! It was a pleasure following your blog and your beautiful writing and photography this year. Much happiness and peace to you and your family Rebecca! Looking forward to reading more of your loveliness next year! xoxo, Summer

  3. "The quiet voice that nourishes our soul..." yes! I've been listening to that voice this morning. Thank you!

  4. This is a beautiful post with photos to match. I am excited to be a reader of your blog for 2014; it's inspiring.

  5. happy new year to you and yours x

  6. "clearing away the noise to find what rests in our hearts."
    Love this line.
    Wonderful post. It feels like it comes from a place of peace mixed with anticipation and hope.


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