07 September 2013

36 of 52 :: portraits of the boys

busy, busy, busy boys. makes a mama's head hurt.
 but they are well. and somedays that is all you can ask. 
blog love: these two sweet portraits on the blog, it's the little things./ such beautiful light and love over on one of my favorite blogs, typically red. / blessedly cute baby toes over on this little port/  these gorgeous ones, sleeping on the blog, patchwork cactus. / and these clever gentlemen on Angels Have Red Hair

hope life is good and that your are enjoying the change in seasons where ever you may live. 
(right now we are in a bit of a heat wave...ugh!) xxoo


  1. beautiful! what lovely captures xxx

  2. I fear there are no more heatwaves to come here. There's a little chill in the air this evening, and a little mist in the air in the mornings. Funny how appealing a heatwave is when you're not actually experiencing one! Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  3. Busy boys - just the thought of it makes my head hurt too! ;-) Sorry for your heatwave.

  4. Healthy boys, healthy children is the best thing to ask for

  5. Busy boys means healthy boys!!! My boys have me spinning in circles lately!!! We are also ready for this heat wave to leave and for fall to arrive. Beautiful photos of beautiful boys - nothing like smiles!!!!!!!
    Chey xo

  6. You managed to capture gorgeous shots of all three this week ... love them.
    Thank you so much for the mention ... you are always so kind :0)

  7. Such stunning smiles your boys have:) I love that black and white photo Rebecca it's really lovely. xx


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