22 September 2013

capturing the week{'s end}

saturday morning coffee in the chemix// sheets hanging, drying in the sun// a cat & her sunflowers// the remains of our fallen tree out front// a spider and her breakfast// watercolors// books// bedside books// french toast, a breakfast fit for my merry men// another capture of the middle, with his violin, again// failed attempt to capture the glory of the Harvest Moon. 



  1. ooo those watercolour pics are fabulous! tea anybody? xxxx

  2. lovely captures!! such a great insight into your week.
    and Bel Canto, what a great book!

  3. Such delights! All beautiful, I love the watercolours xx

  4. I love these pictures ... they're very inspiring ... they make me feel like picking up the camera for something other than the 52 portraits project ... which is a good thing :0)

  5. Such a beautiful collection - I love the moon shot x


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