17 September 2013

to thine own self. be true

Of objects left behind.
Remnants of the aged;
abandoned under blackened bridges,
lone encampments lost under the soot of covered archways.
Fleeing from the dying gasps of dreams.

Forgotten by children,
Cast aside by lovers.

We gather them up,
tripping through the junkyard of base plans.

We take apart, with hammer,
             with nail, with pen,
                                  and brush,
 the dilapidated, the makeshift, the weak,
the worm-worn wood, gray-eyed with age.

We gather them then,
sliding them back
into our frayed jackets,
our threadbare pockets,
the holes knotted closed,

and hearts shut tight.
I suspect that no-one finds this assembled army of animals as beautiful as I do. It is silly really, but I stepped outside the other day, and I found my heart tugged upon by their stillness. So I grabbed my camera and took photos of them. To me, I saw something there in their forgotten-ness, in their loneliness. They seemed to be of some sort of forgotten plan. So I took the photos for me, my own stillness, for those moments when I see something that strikes my heart.

I was also so moved to take a course recently, called Write Now.

I have to say I loved it.

Perhaps because I took it indulgently (just for me) or perhaps because I have some unrequited deep desire to write more, I found it incredibly helpful and engaging.  It also gave me something more important: the affirmation of the soul's longing to tell one's own story, to sing one's own song. The beauty of the Write Now course is/was that I didn't ever have to ever aspire to be more than just who I am; never more than who any of us are called to be.

So I am thinking of these things this Tuesday. Of things I do, that are just for me, that end up being fruitful, engaging and soul-filled..such as linking up with bedsidesign for foliophoto.  xxoo

(Here is the link if you are interested in finding out more about Write Now.  The next course starts September 30th.)  xxoo


  1. absolutely lovely! These photos reminded me of the "kids were here" project. I think they speak volumes and your words with them were beautiful and thought provoking. Always a pleasure coming to you space.

  2. i recognize some of those schleich animals! they are often found in the bathtub, on the dining table, and there is, it seems, always one on which i inevitably stub my toe when making the bedtime rounds.

    i'm so glad you took the leap and took write now. we do so much for kids and partners, it's lovely to be able to do something for ourselves now and again.

    1. oh those scheich animals! those and legos are always everywhere at our house.

      your course was amazing. I am so glad I took it as well. xo

  3. Wonderful. It was a pleasure to being in the class with you!

    1. Thanks so KC! I am so glad you took the course. It was so great being in the class with you as well!

  4. There is something so utterly poignant about abandoned, battered toys that makes me think deeply about life and time. Wonderful photos, wonderful prose Rebecca.

  5. i filled up with tears at these images even before I got to your words on the other side of them! I get it! I am so glad you did a course, you should write, you are a writer, your words are magical! xxxx

  6. Oh Rebecca this is beautiful! I love the little forgotten critters!

  7. Nope, you aren't the only one who finds them beautiful. There's something very "Velveteen Rabbit" about it...and that makes you the wonderful fairy at the end!


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