06 September 2013

wanting to linger

i want to linger on this time. this end of summer. 
i want to linger here in sameness. 
linger in the never growing up and never growing old. 
linger in the good days, ignoring the bad. 

i want to linger here, longer.
linger in your milk dewed cries.
linger in the brush of your eyelashes, the tip of your baby skin elbows.
linger on the scent of dirt on your toddling hands, tied deep beneath your nails.
linger in the kitchen, small sous-chef underfoot.
linger in the tripping and the chasing and the hide-and-go seeking.
linger in the washing of hands, and the ordered brushing of teeth.

i want to linger on goodnight kisses.
linger on the stories and the slow turning of pages,
linger on the words that i read aloud each night.
linger on that small space before falling asleep,
                     exhausted from the day, the sun, the laughing and the learning.

i want to linger on this time. the small end of spared space, when you are so very young.


  1. Oh Rebecca, you have put into words everything I have been feeling lately, it is uncanny. I am struggling so much with the fact that things move on. My heart is breaking. Beautiful words, thank you.

  2. I'm not lingering ... I'm running full speed into spring ... but I know things will be different in 6 months time ... Then I will want to hold on for a while.

  3. This is really beautiful. I too wish to linger longer in many of those moments too. xx


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