24 September 2013


 anticipation of fall. of tasting the slow.
of crisp morning mist.
of indian summered afternoons. of gold sunlight.
of the fair leafed aspen, yellow splendidly spread amongst the pine.

anticipation of pears, waiting to be sliced.
of cinnamon dashed across my cider, pressed there.
of the sting of nutmeg, across my nose.
heated ovens, of building pies late into the day.

of sitting, outside under a tree.
of pumpkins round and apples sweet. 
anticipation that lifts the salty sweat off our necks, our damp hair from our chin. 
anticipation calling as we wait for leaves falling, 
tender, crisp, hued red, purpled brown in the fairy lit fall air.



  1. i am anticipating the arrival of autumn in a big, big way. just a week or so away (i hope).

    1. Me too! I thought it was here, but then it slipped away again. I probably won't really see autumn at all. Suddenly it will be spring again. xxoo

  2. Replies
    1. That's one of my faves! when all you want to do is get back under the covers! xo

  3. It is all mists and mellow fruitfulness here. Beautiful photo Rebecca. And beautiful words.

    1. Thanks so CJ. I can just picture that image of mists & fruit in my mind. xo

  4. Stunning pics ... you had me at "cinnamon dashed across my cider"

  5. Thank you for the poem. I'm going to live today as if I'm "tasting the slow."

    1. Thanks so much Rachael, that is so kind of you! xo


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