14 September 2013

37 of 52 :: portraits of the boys

Oh these silly boys. The first photo was captured last weekend at a church fair. The Youngest is in a bounce house. The second capture is of the Middle trying to smother our reluctant cat with kisses. Despite her laid back ears, she was rather pleased with the attention. Down below, the Oldest. Smiling for the camera.
its been busy around here. Fall and Spring always seem to have this quality to them where you can't find enough time for all the many things going on.  And there always seem to be so many things going on. 
Hope you all are warm and well this weekend.


  1. oh breathtakingly handsome even if one of them is about to be savaged by a cat! lovely...the last one in particular has capture a moment in growing up so beautifully! x

  2. Beautiful photos - capturing the boys in their moments!!!!! I love when you can get the oldest to smile for the camera - it is a rare thing our house.
    Chey xo

  3. Wow - such beautiful moments captured this week! The cat photo really made me smile, we have a similar scene here very often :-)

  4. Beautiful photos Rebecca. You have gorgeous lads! x

  5. Beautiful photos this week Rebecca. Hope you all have a lovely week.


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