19 September 2013

thursday wanting

in thursday wanting. in desiring of. 
of deep breaths and of weary mornings. of steep cliffs and lungs tight pulling. 
the call of the canyon below me. of divided seconds. 
of diving under ruckus waves, under the tow. 
when I want to live way out there. on the edge of the quiet. 
on the edge between the mountains and the sea. 
on the edge of wanting. of all things civilized. 

taking my cardboard house pasted with all my imagined belongings,
 folded into my pack. then treading out there ever so hushed, 
as not to disturb the chatter of rooks, the foraging deer. 

these wantings wake me up, crushed coffee bean dreams. 
a hot mug of them as i watch the harvest moon say g'night, 
passing by the hurried dawn that peeks over trees. 

hope you have some thursday wanting too. xxoo


  1. Beautiful!!! I just spent the morning on the Farm and it filled my soul. Then I read this post - beautiful - my thoughts exactly. I am really needing some time in the mountains and I miss the ocean so so much.
    The photos are beautiful and have so much feeling in them.
    Thank You
    Chey xo

    1. Thanks so Chey. Your comments always brighten my day, xo

  2. ooooo i too want to go there, the tug of peace, the shore, the solitude, the fire crackle! You have poetry in your soul my darling. It's such an honour to get glimpses of it, thank you xxx

  3. Love this post and this feeling (as the buses pass by and the planes fly overhead) and these pictures! And I think we have the same tent!

    1. Ha! Of course we have the same tent. :-) xo

  4. There is a little magic in your blog I think. The alchemy of stunning photos and beautiful words. Always wonderful here.


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