20 September 2013


follies of the week:
-forgetting my own sense and sensibility
-non-constructive critics of my self, and of others
-too much rushing
-email overwhelm
-lego overload

fodder for the soul:
-re-arranging the "master" bedroom
-getting after the dust bunnies hidden behind our bed
-spending time in the boys' elementary school library
-pulling out my watercolors and gouache paints (for the library bulletin boards)
-painting & writing & writing
-reading aloud to the Hubby a Tale of Two Cities

provender for the days ahead:
-saying goodbye to our beloved tree that fell down in the front
-moving the wood from the tree out front, to the back
-planning a camping trip
-soccer (football) games with the boys
-time scraped out in between deep breaths and dirty dishes to work and create

how are you this week? I would love, love to know. xxoo


  1. follies....sick kids and not enough patience.
    sadness that sick kids took away long awaited art days.gulit that i then felt selfish!
    a broken boiler and house flood and no heat or hot water for 10 days

    fodder....finishing my first art piece in ages and sharing it on my blog.
    decisions to begin in earnest to restart my creative life
    meeting up with an old friend

    provender....new drawings to come
    warm showers

    love your blog, would love you to start this as a linky xxxxx

  2. Struggling hugely with impending change, but remembering how blessed I am for all I have. Sorry about your tree. Dickens is wonderful, and perfect for reading aloud. How lovely that you read to your husband. I think there will be lots of football in my weekend too. Hope you have a good one.


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