07 February 2013

a bit of color for blahuary

Way out here, the world is blooming. Soon it will be dry and dusty again. So for now I will take the colors trumpeting awake the the cloudy skies and the sleepy seeds.

I hope that you are finding a little color in this BLAHUARY time of year.


  1. Beautiful Rebecca! Colour everywhere here after oodles of rain (too much rain!). It makes the day all the more pleasant to look upon rainbows of colour. Wishing you a gentle, happy weekend :) x

  2. I could dive into those rainbows of rain. so wonderful. hope you and yours enjoy all the superb colours & giddy mud puddle splashing that the rainbow rain has left you.xo

  3. I enjoy the rain. Especially when it is lending life in a changing season.
    beautiful photo!


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