16 February 2013

Weekend Plans of Laziness

Out here, where the land watches the sun melt into the sea, there are moments in these first real warm days of almost spring, that I can't help but stare off into space and get absolutely nothing done. It feels so nice to be in this little nook of our bedroom and just sit.  I love watching the boys tousle through the yard, and despite the fact that my to-do LIST doesn't stop, I have plans to do none of them. Just enjoy the boys and the sun today. Maybe even wander down to the beach for a bit and toss our toes in the water.
But for this moment, I will just sit, stare off into the backyard, and feel just so glad to be lazy. 



  1. I am not very good at laziness. I need to get better at it. I so enjoy completing a task and find peace in organization. However, sitting back and being lazy is important too and I need to work on that. 3 part-time jobs, 2 kids and a husband makes life busy :)I hope this week that my children are home I can take some time to be lazy between completing my jobs and keeping the kids just busy enough that they don't try me and one another crazy :)Thanks Becca.

    1. If any one I know needs a reason to have a day off once and a while it is you! xo

  2. Yes i love being lazy, soak it up!


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