02 February 2013

Stylin' Saturdays

I have one of my nearest and dearest friends here with me this week. We have done a lot of lovely lunches and visiting touristy places, but we also indulged a little and went shopping. Mostly just window shopping in and out of boutique-y type clothing stores. It felt indulging just to try on clothes that you wish you could actually buy. Indulging in that little girl inner self that says I WANT therefore I am. I am also a person who loves the small art of finding beautiful things, and then placing them side by side so they enhance each other's beauty. So I love when you walk into a store and things are visually pleasing to the eye. I can't really compare and contrast "indulgent shopping adventures" with my trip last week to Yosemite; but it does make me wonder. It makes me wonder, why it feels so awesome to have exerted one's self physically to make it to the top of the mountain; and at the same time feel the awesome-ness when you have put together the right outfit, or found the perfect gift for someone.

It makes me wonder if our love for outfits and things, and the want to have a sense of pretty-ness and gorgeousness, is not somehow interconnected to the incredible beauty of nature;  a strong wanton desire to take the out of the doors IN.
 It makes me wonder, if the drive in this incredibly consumeristic society we live in, is actually an innate sense, an innate drive to place a small piece of humanity in our hand and hold it just for a second.

Then I wonder if I think too much. So enjoy your little selfish moments, whether you are street stylin' this saturday or you are kicking some serious booty on top of some glorious rock. Enjoy your awesomeness. 


  1. thanks so. Hope that you are enjoying some awesomeness in your weekend.xxoo

  2. I love your spin on these thoughts.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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