07 February 2013

wishing you 5 minutes...

I wish you could see how still my house is right now.

 I have my coffee at hand and the twinkley lights are on in the kitchen, giving this small living space a tiny celebration of light. The house is so quiet and perfect in this early morning dark. 

It is a quiet that you can feel, a silence that you can listen to. I hear this quiet as it extends out beyond the snoring dog and the sleeping kitty.
 a quiet that moves past the cars rushing already for their early morning commute. It is a quiet that you know when you sit down on the beach and hear the slow gushing of the waves gently and evermore lapping at the shore. It is a quiet, a quiet you hear when you stand still on a walk amongst the pine trees in the mountains. A quiet that echoes in the pine as it whooshes with the wind, echoing as the pine hold onto errant gusts and let them go at the same time.
This is the quiet I feel right now. A tip-toe quiet that cradles me,
 cradles my coffee,
 cradles my tired head and wakeful soul.

today I am wishing to you some of this quiet.
whether it is in the stillness of a quiet cup of tea, or a moment in the middle of loud exploding homework time with your children,
or when you stand at your desk,
                   waiting for lunch, waiting for your workday to be over so you can return home,
 waiting for a fax to go through, or an email to be sent.
or maybe you will find it in the gym, in the hear pumping music, or in the voice of your yoga instructor.

I am wishing you a Quiet, a Moment, a Stillness, 5 seconds or 5 minutes, that brings you back to who you are, the you that is the foundation all you do.
 the you unblemished and unmarked
                           by all the failures of the world
            and all the ego-tripping successes.
just you. in the silence.
                 in the very loud world.



  1. Have you found any quiet in your day? Let me know. xxoo

  2. Not yet! But soon I will go to bed before my husband in my newly baby free room and all will be peaceful (I hope) x

    1. Some how missed this in all the busy-ness here. Hope things are better and you + baby are getting the sleep you need! xo


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