04 February 2013

Gratitude Mondays

So grateful this week...

I am grateful for friendship and laughter. For Dancing in and out of stores with a good girlfriend who could cares less if you 'ohhh' and 'ahhh' at all the pretty colors & things and then take pictures to remember the loveliness of it all. 

I am grateful for a fabulous friend who tries on clothes with you, knowing full well you can't quite actually afford to indulge in all the things you want. Who also can laugh AND sympathize when you try on the skirt of your dreams then twirl around the store with it on. {& I am grateful that I am okay pretending I am a ballerina in public and that my boys were not there with me!} 

I am also grateful for painted toenails in the sand. Who knows when we will get to take a picture like that again. 

I am so grateful for the time to do these things and just to be with one of my nearest and dearest. 

I am so grateful that she was here this week. She is already on a plane back home, but I feel so lucky to have had her here with us, and so glad that her family shared her with me (with us) this past week. 

I am grateful for the flowers from my dear friend. They brighten my table and are a sweet reminder of all friendships everywhere. Our girl kitty shows that she loves them too by nibbling on the leaves and bits of long stems that extend out way past the glass jars. The boys love the flowers as well and have them as a joyful reminder of her too.

I am grateful for boys and for hiking...

I am grateful for paths that are overgrown with trees and branches and greens. The smell of old oak trees and the crunching sound of dirt under your boots. The smells of composting leaves and muck that waft up from trickling streams. Grateful for boys that hike and stomp along with you. Boys who love running ahead and then come running back to hold your hand. Grateful for boys who take a quiet moment to look out over the sea down below.

I am grateful for the joyful blooms that are spattered over our hills in this semi-dessert. Even though there are no leaves on some of the trees, these sweet blooming hills trumpet to my heart that SPRING! 
is! just.
the corner. 

I am grateful for the week ahead. With the chance to create and make and play. 

I would LOVE to KNOW...
 What are you grateful for? 



  1. what are you grateful for? please share!xxoo

  2. Becca, Thanks for your post. One of the things that we are thankful for, is havging great friends like the Rugh's in our lives.


    1. love your family. you all make me grateful everyday that you all are in our life!!

  3. I have been taking the time to think of something grateful each day, to put my focus on the positives it's so important to draw your attention to those good little things in your day. It sounds like you've got lots of lovely things to be grateful for, especially having special friends to be yourself with. Today I'm grateful for going back to yoga, it feels good to start exercising again.

    1. I love that you take the time to be grateful everyday and that you are starting yoga again. yoga & gratitude are both disciplines that I am sure makes life more joyful. Sometimes it is so easy for me to get lost in the mistakes and the trifling things I don't have and can't do, that I needed to make it an intentional practice to remember I DO have a lot. thanks so for sharing!xxoo


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