10 February 2013


I just can't get over how glorious these strawberries look. It doesn't quite make up for the fact that we are not playing in the snow, but it eases the achy missing winter joints a bit.

Is there snow in your parts?



  1. So jealous of the strawberries - where were they when I was there???

  2. These do look delicious, I do love strawberries. There is no snow here, I've actually never seen snow before even during Winter the temperatures are quite mild. Perhaps one day I will venture somewhere to see snow. x

    1. Oh venture away! I grew up in Denver, so I know snow. But it is a snow with sunshine. When all of us were living in PA it was such a different grey-er snow and winter, so I do miss snow, but the snow of the rockies, not necessarily snow and gray all the time during the winter months. I think it is the gray that can push me over the edge. xo


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