21 May 2013

a pause :: eyes

:: in the early morning light, i walk past your pasture.  seeing me out of the corner of your eye, you trot across the dew to come and greet me. "oh, hello" you say, nudging me for a treat. i have none. i wait for an apple to appear in my hand so i have an excuse to linger with you a bit longer, to feel your squishy, bristly heated nose in the soft cool air as you nibble something out of my flat handed palm. oh how i wish I was magic, just for a moment, so i could conjure up something to give to you. i see you, looking at me with deep hope and affection; a desire, a wish, that i would have something to offer you. but all i have is my hand to scratch you behind your ear. i do just that. it will have to do for now, this quick hello. i want to linger, but i have a hurried busy day ahead, so i walk on, leaving you behind with a bit of want in your eyes::

I often wonder what people see with their eyes, how they see, what they take in, what they hold in their heart as important and true; and sometimes, I wonder what people don't see, what they miss in their hurried, busy-blind life. Once when I was in elementary school, I tied a scarf around my eyes and wandered around my house for an afternoon, falsely blind, bumping into furniture, feeling my way past walls and corners. I wanted to know what it was like to not see, yet at the same time, I never wanted to forsake the sight in my eyes, the way the colors of life blended together.  My eyes, how they see, are the thread that binds me to the world; my eyes, they help me make sense of life, help me tap out words across a screen, scribble pictures and tell stories. How I see connects me to the innermost part of my soul.
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Also, there are times in the world when catastrophe and natural disaster strike. I ask you to not turn a blind eye to the devastation in Oklahoma. Try to find a small way to help, through donating; or perhaps even in trying to walk a gentler path in your life these next few days.  Life is so precious.

 If you haven't already donated to the Red Cross, or are looking for an alternative, Jenna from the blog Sweet Fine Day is raising money through Team Rubicon. You can find the link here: http://fundraise.teamrubiconusa.org/fundraise?fcid=247835


  1. Rebecca,
    This is honestly one of the most beautiful things I've ever read.
    I truly believe that it's "how" we see the world and things around us that make us the person that we are.

    These are truly beautiful words ~ xo

    1. Thanks so much Sarah.
      I love your input on this. your insight means a lot. xo

  2. Loved this- when I visit the horses behind my house, and give them a scratch, I feel exactly the same way, like I'm "leaving you behind with a bit of want in your eyes"...yes! Those words perfectly describe it. Thank you for the gentle nudge to not just turn the channel when the news reports lives torn apart...but to do, something, a small something.

    1. oh I love horses. so glad I have a kindred spirit out there that loves them too.

  3. Rebecca, very beautiful writing and photography. a lovely start to my Saturday morning as I sit with coffee in hand. i'm happy to have discovered your work through our foliophoto group. i will be a regular reader.

    1. Oh so wonderful! thanks so much! I hope you like what you find. I love this foliophoto group! xo

  4. I was lucky enough to have a horse for about 8 years from 9-17. Loved it. I lived on the prairies in a medium sized city where I could pedal my bike a few miles out of town to the farm where my horse was boarded.

    I know exactly what this photo would feel like if I was standing there. So velvety soft. And warm.

    Horses are great secret keepers too - perfect for a teenage girl.


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